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Beginning a New Trend

Article by: Sean Murphy

After posting our new office desks that were built using old scaffold boards onto our social media pages, we have received a number of enquiries asking to have them built for other businesses.  Our latest delivery was to a business up in York but instead of an office desk we were asked to build a dining table instead.  The table was 6′ x 3′ and had solid frame legs attached (legs are chosen by the customer specifically, personal choice)

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Obviously, the finish needed to be perfect and the boards fitted tightly and we removed the banding from the boards to prevent snagging.  The sanding process was more detailed to give a smoother finish too, although this does remove some of the character of the boards it still looked fabulous.  The table was finished off with three coats of varnish (Clear Matt), and left to cure for a few days before packing.

The table was collected on the Thursday from Whitstable and delivered the following day in York, all in one piece.  The customer is extremely happy with the finished product.

We have now been commissioned to build a boardroom table measuring 13′ x 6′ with solid steel legs for a company in Manchester.  This will be a great project to complete and we look forward to delivering this to them soon.We will post some more pictures of the completed table when it is finished.  This particular table is being finished in Oak so it should look spectacular.




We do have one other interesting project on the go.  Below, is a picture of a wooden reel which we have been asked to supply to a school for the children to use as a boot rack.  These come in different sizes, Genesis Waste Management-3 some up to 8′ in diameter, obviously these large reels are incredibly heavy.  The school has asked for three double stacks, fixed securely to prevent topple and a high finish to prevent splinters.  The colour choice is excellent as we are finishing these in the colours of the rainbow.  We will be building one of the larger reels for our lounge areas at work.  Again, pictures will follow.  Ideally, the small reels can be stacked as shelving, or made into small tables using the existing belly timbers or replacing these with legs or supports of choice.  The larger tables are more difficult to stack so we strongly advise these are to be made into tables only for health and safety reasons.

They will look amazing when finished.

If you have any questions are feel you would like some more information on our services please do not hesitate to get in touch

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Waste Management - Genesis Recycling
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Waste Management - Genesis Recycling
Waste Management - Genesis Recycling

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